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Why Nephrolife

NephroLife  is the first dialysis center in Bulgaria to introduce  the Israeli know-how in the sphere of the dialysis where consultant is Prof. Dr. Weinstein, Chief of the Department of Dialysis in Ichilov Suras, one of the biggest hospitals in Israel, located in the very heart of Tel Aviv.

Prof. Dr. Weinstein is a world-known specialist. For more than 35 years, she has achieved unique clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various kidney pathologies. She is President of the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and a member of the Committee of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) – Kidney Section.

Prof. Weinstein studied at the best specialized academies in Israel and Canada. Her specialization includes renal function recovery in diabetic nephropathy, autoimmune glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis and dysmetabolic syndromes, as well as the preparation of peritoneal and systemic dialysis protocols. In her practice, she has conducted successful courses of treatment for patients in a state of uremic intoxication. She is currently a Lecturer at Tel Aviv University and an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Nephrology at the Faculty of Medicine.

Prof. Weinstein as a chief consultant and our NephroLife medical director Dr. Nikolay Todorov – who have got more than 40 years of professional experience and who has participated in many national clinical researches, twice nominated in the list “The best doctors of Sofia” ,heading our team of specialists, will contribute to the complete and appropriate therapy for you and your relatives.

NephroLife Dialyses Center is the newest and most advanced clinic in Bulgaria. For you, our clients we offer high quality and new equipment and consumables for dialysis treatment branded FRESENIUS Germany to establish reliability and  to guarantee quality during your therapy.

The comfortable environment, the care provided by our Professional team of doctors, nurses and dietitians who use up-to-date medicines and high quality medical products, enable us to offer our patients any treatment according to their specific needs.

WE believe that the good personal relationships among the patient, his/her relatives and the medical team that will take care for the treatment of the patients in a long-term period, is of primary importance, especially regarding such long-term treatment as dialysis is. The individual attitude toward every patient is grounded in the Nephrolife strategy. Thus, we significantly improve the quality of the procedures and the most important – the quality of life of our patients!