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Living with chronic renal failure

Renal failure may be distinguished as acute or chronic ones. The acute renal failure is caused by a suddenly occurred disorders as a result of a vast range of reasons some like severe infection, blood loss, a difficult surgery, trauma, medicine poisoning, allergic reactions, etc.

In such cases the kidney “sacrifices itself” to rescue the organism. It is possible, however, the renal function to be normalized. An acute renal failure that lasts more than three months turns into a chronic one.

With the chronic real failure there is a gradual and irreversible failure of the kidney function. Many are the diseases that may cause herein including: a hypertension disease, a diabetes, chronic diseases of glmerulus and kidney infections, gout, renal-stone disease, tissue and congenital malformatis in the kidney  structure. There are medicines that may also cause irreversible kidney damage.