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COVID 19 - Precautions

Mandatory measures we have taken and remain in force:

Dear current and future patients of NephroLife Dialysis Center,
We would like to inform you that we continue to strictly follow all anti-epidemic measures and it is mandatory to observe the following rules when visiting our clinic.
We ask for your understanding regarding the restriction of the entry of family members and your relatives in the Nephrolife Dialysis Center during the next few months.

If you are being accompanied by your relative when coming on dialysis at our center, please do not enter the clinic with him if possible. If this is unavoidable, then strictly follow the sanitary and hygienic guidelines for preventing the spread of the disease.

Mandatory measures we have taken and remain in force:

All protective measures are provided to our patients, such as disinfectants, gloves, face masks. All the disinfectants we use are effective against the virus.

We perform four times a day disinfection of all surfaces and frequently touched objects in the dialysis center.

The premises in the clinic are ventilated every two hours.

Your temperature and potential symptoms will be checked before entering our transportation cars.

We ensure distance between the patients.

Wearing a mask is mandatory!

Your cooperation in keeping all necessary measures at this time is highly recommended.

Thank you for your understanding,

Nephrolife Team