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The nephrologist Prof. Dr. Talia Weinstein and Mayor Dimitar Nikolov discussed the possibility to cooperate through the exchange of good practices

At the meeting between the nephrologist Prof. Dr. Talia Weinstein and the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov the possibilities to create conditions for exchange of good medical practices in the field of nephrology by sending Burgas medics to Israel were discussed.

Prof . Weinstein is a nephrology expert with 35 years of clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various kidney pathologies . She is a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Nephrology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Technology. She has won numerous medical orders and awards worldwide. She is the Past- President of the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and a member of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) – Kidney Section.

Prof. Dr. Weinstein is in Burgas at the invitation of the NephroLife Dialysis Center, where she is a consultant  of the Center’s team of specialists working on Israeli know-how.

During her visit to the Municipality of Burgas, Prof. Weinstein declared her readiness to share her experience and to assist in the implementation of Israeli hemodialysis know-how. The meeting was attended by investors and representatives of the newest and most modern NephroLife Dialysis Center in Burgas, there was also Dr. Loris Manuelyan, a nephrologist and long-time Deputy Mayor of the Health Protection in Burgas Municipality.

“The high quality of medicine depends on the people, their training and specialization. Medicine cannot be learned only in the books. In order to be a good specialist, he/she has to put into practice what he/she has learned. The most important thing is to give young people a good foundation in their knowledge of classical medicine and train them well. Big part of the medicine is based on observations – you see how your trainer is healing patients and you are learning from it. I am glad to be here and I hope to continue with our future work together, I would be glad to be so , ” said Prof. Weinstein and declared her readiness to assist in the specialization of Burgas medics in prominent medical centers in Israel and other countries.

“We need such specialists like Prof. Weinstein. She could help not only to improve the quality of medical services in the city, but also to help bringing the latest developments in medical science to the newly established Faculty of Medicine in Burgas – from Israel and Canada, where Prof. Weinstein worked for many years,” said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov after the meeting.

“As a member of the executive board of the European Renal Association, prof.  Weinstein is responsible for the training of specialists and students. She will be very good partner at our university. We will strive to build more lasting relationships with the highest-level universities in Israel” said Dr. Loris Manuelyan.

According to him, cooperation can be achieved not only in the field of nephrology but also in other fields of medicine.

The visit of Prof. Dr. Weinstein in Burgas gives the chance to those in need to be consulted by a specialist with exceptional competence. The day after her visit to the Municipality she will consult patients on hemodialysis and pre-dialysis stage for free on December 14. The examinations will be done at the NephroLife Dialysis Center in the residential complex “Izgrev”.



Prof. Dr. Talia Weinstein will consult patients for free

Israel’s nephrologists will visit Burgas. Prof. Dr. Talia Weinstein arrives on December 12th at the invitation of the NephroLife Dialysis Center. On December 14th she will give free consultations to patients from Burgas with hemodialysis and in the pre-dialysis stage.

At the invitation of Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Prof. Weinstein will visit the Municipality, where future Bulgarian-Israeli health-related initiatives will be discussed. The meeting will also be attended by representatives of the management of the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” and the newly opened Faculty of Medicine at the University.

Prof. Talia Weinstein is a nephrology specialist. For more than 35 years of practice, she has gained clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various kidney diseases. She is the Past-President of the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension and a member of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) – Kidney Section.

Prof. Weinstein studied at medical schools in Israel. Her specialization includes acute and chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, and autoimmune glomerulonephritis. She also treats patients on hemodialysis.

Professor Talia Weinstein is the author of 67 research papers. She is currently an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

Visiting a specialist of similar rank in Burgas enables not only the residents of the region but also all Bulgarian citizens in need to be examined and consulted in the best possible way. A similar opportunity is possible thanks to the policy of the NephroLife Dialysis Center, which was created and opened in the seaside town in the middle of this year. The super-modern healthcare facility is built and fully equipped with Israeli investments, the latest in medical hemodialysis technology. The emergence of the dialysis center in Burgas greatly facilitates the needs of thousands of seriously ill patients, as well as giving them the most competent and good prospect for health and life-saving care and insurance.

On December 14, 2019, the Dialysis Center invites the citizens of Burgas to visit the health facility to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by NephroLife .

Prof. Dr. Talia Weinstein will consult patients on dialysis and predialysis stage on 14th of December in Burgas for free. This is a gesture to all those who suffer from kidney problems in Bulgaria. Consultations do not require referrals from GPs. Patients should make an appointment by calling: 056/555 – 588, 0800 11 881.