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Definitely, for all patients on dialysis, life have changed completely. The whole process of understanding the disease and this particular way of living is stressful and requires strong-mindedness and toughness of spirit. However, dialysis should not prevent you from enjoying the life and keeping you isolated by the hospital bed. As difficult as it may sound from time to time – Be positive and look to the future!

Be positive and focus your energy on activities that are enjoyable for you.

Travel – Take time to plan things. Do not stop dreaming of visiting new places – there are doctors and clinics everywhere that can meet your needs.

Eat Healthy – The more toxins you put into your body, the more waste you will produce. Following a healthy diet will ensure that you improve your health and help you prevent some common side effects of dialysis.

Meet friends – They will support you as you go through these changes of life and you will feel a lot of positive feedback and energy around you.

Take an active part in your life – Do not look at your life as a bystander. Take an active part in your treatment plan. Inform yourself about everything that interests you.

Love yourself – Accept yourself as the person you are. Take small steps – one day, one moment, believing that everything will be fine regardless of the circumstances.

Look at life positively – Focus your positive energy on finding a suitable hobby for you, take a pet or just spend more time with your loved ones. Enjoy each and every new day and do not feel sorry for yourself.