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pH is a scale that measures the alkaline and acidic properties of the aquatic environment and represents the ratio of positively charged hydrogen ions to negatively charged ones in a solution. This is one of the most important indicators of homeostasis in the body. Our body is made up mainly of water, and the environment we need to maintain is slightly alkaline – from 7.35 to 7.45.

The acid-base balance requires the cooperation of three main organs: the liver, kidneys and lungs.

The acidic environment is rich in protons, while the alkaline is rich in electrons. Electrons determine an oxygen-rich environment that provides the required amount of oxygen throughout the body and meets the needs of normal, aerobic cells.

Plasma buffer systems include plasma proteins, phosphate and bicarbonate, and carbon buffers. The kidneys help to control the acid-base balance by releasing hydrogen ions and generating bicarbonate, which helps keep blood plasma pH within normal limits.

With disturbed alkaline-acid balance with low pH values there are problems related to weight, allergies, arthritis, fungal infections, impaired metabolism, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, muscle pain, cramps.

The kidneys and lungs are the main factor in neutralizing the acid accumulation in our body. They help in the process of acid control and support the balance of the blood. Their main task is to neutralize sulfuric or uric acid through urination. As these or other acids increase, the kidneys increase their production of hydrogen ions to balance these processes.

Thanks to their work, our body has a filtering mechanism that removes acids from the bloodstream, eliminated through the urine. Proper kidney function is ensured by alkaline reserves or alkaline substances, which are desirable to be regularly provided to the body through an optimal diet.

Alkaline food intake helps to:

– Proper metabolism

– Digestion

– Energy depots are increasing

– Immunity