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Arriving at the center

After arriving at the center the patients may change their casual clothes in the dressing room and to leave their clothes in personal lockers. The clothes during the procedure must be light and comfortable thus providing an opportunity for an easy access for accomplishing the dialysis. There is a weighing scale in the waiting room for easy weighing even for patients in wheelchairs.

Wash the hand where the fistula will be carefully with soup before the dialysis in order to minimize the risk of infections. Use the sink that is in the WC for patients.

Please, keep in mind that the dialysis center does not bear responsibility for any loss of valuables and personal belongings.

During the treatment
A personal TV is available for each patient.  You can also use individual headphones that we provide free of charge. There is free Wi-Fi access in the Dialisys Centre.

We will offer you a light refreshment during the procedure and a cup of hot coffee or tea. You may receive consultations by a nurse or the doctor on duty about everything that may concerns you at any time.

At the end of the treatment

Before removing the needles the nurse will give you a glove to put on your hand when pressing the spot of the puncture. After removing the needles, you must be patient and wait the bleeding from the fistula to stop. The nurse will give you protective patches or a bandage.

With view to your safety, it is required not to leave the room without informing the nurse for that. Be sure that you feel well and you can move without any help.

Before leaving the dialysis room, please put slippers on and weigh yourself by using the weighing scale.

If you need help, do not hesitate to turn to someone of the staff.



Dear Patients, NephroLife introduces you brand new and comfortable cars. We provide them for you and your convenience, together with the transport company we work with. What better than traveling in a new, luxurious and air-conditioned car in the summer heat! ❤️

“It is well known that extremely good and competent doctors work in Israel. This is an opportunity for them to use good practices and ideas, “said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov during the official opening of the NephroLife dialysis clinic in Burgas.

📲+359 56 5555 88
📲Безплатен телефон: 0800 11 881

NephroLife Dialysis Center is the newest and most advanced clinic in Bulgaria. To all of you, our patients, we offer new and high quality equipment and consumables for dialysis treatment branded FRESENIUS Germany to establish reliability and to guarantee quality during you therapy.

The comfortable environment, the care provided by our professional team of doctors, nurses and dietitians who use up-to-date medicines and high quality medical products enable us to offer our patients any treatment according to their specific needs.  In addition to the pleasant and cozy environment, here, you may enjoy some light refreshments, professional and competent medical care, a cup of hot coffee or tea and to be meanwhile entertained by your favourite TV show programs that you can watch on a TV for personal use for each patient. For being even more confortable, the center provides headphones, that you may use during your stay aiming at your best comfort and those of the other patients

Aт any time you may be consulted by a doctor on duty or a nurse about anything that concerns you. Our clinic has also taken care about your safe and confortable move from home to the Dialysis Center and back, absolutely free of charge



A month after the Medical Faculty in Burgas received a work license, a new super technological dialysis center opened doors in the town. It is a result of an Israeli investment and currently is the most advanced one in the whole country.

„We are working with leading Israeli professors to be able to be of help to the people from Burgas and the region. Our main goal is patients to feel well because they believe us.

With the high-quality equipment that we offer they will have a better quality of life” explained to the journalists Alberto Behar, the administrative director of the company – investor.

The Specialized Medical Center NephroLife is located in “Izgrev” housing estate behind Plaza Mall. Prof. Doron Schwartz is the consultant of the center. He is the director of the Department of Nephrology and Dialysis in Ilchilov Suras, one of the biggest hospitals in Israel.

Prof. Schwartz is a professor at the University in Tel Aviv and is on Forbes list of {Best Israeli Doctors}. Dr. Nikolay Tordorov will be the Director of the Clinics. He has more than 40 years experience and is twice included in the list of “The Best Doctors in Sofia”. The clinics disposes of with 18 pieces of apparatus and more than 1000 patients can take advantage of the treatment.

„It is a well-known fact that extremely skillful and competent doctors work in Israel. This is a certain opportunity to use good practices and ideas through them. Some of these lecturers may also educate our students at the Medical University.

In this way, we will have the opportunity to establish education in the English language. Thus we can welcome students form all over Europe, who will be educated in a foreign language”  said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov during the official opening of the clinic.

Among the guests, there was the Israeli ambassador N. Pr. Irit Lilian, who was also satisfied with the investment, the Israeli Honorary Consulate in Burgas Orlin Mandov, the Director of the Regional Health Inspectorate Dr. Georgi Pazderov, doctors and specialists.