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Most dialysis patients are able to maintain a normal rhythm of life associated with work, travel and social commitments. Especially now, during the summer season, a lot of people take vacations to desired destinations and organize their stay according to the possibility of dialysis treatment in the region.

We at Dialysis Center NephroLife guarantee to all visiting patients in our city and the region the opportunity for quality and reliable dialysis treatment during the coming summer months.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a wonderful place for a summer vacation and offers various opportunities for entertainment and accommodation, from luxury 4- or 5-star hotels to small romantic family hotels, all of which meet world standards.

The financing in Nephrolife Dialysis Center is covered by National Health Insurance Fund. No additional payment is required from patients for their treatment, nor for any of the accompanying services related to comfort or medication.

For your safety and convenience, we offer free transport services in brand new and comfortable cars. Our drivers will pick you up from the place where you are staying and will drive you to the center according to the schedule that you have specified in advance.

During your dialysis treatment session a doctor is always available in the treatment room. Our doctors and nurses will assist you at any time you may need help. You can ask the team any questions about your medical condition and convenience.

We will do our best to make you feel as comfortable as at home.



Hemodialysis, or dialysis, is a process of purifying the blood of a patient whose kidneys are not working properly. This is a process in which a patient’s blood is filtered and “purified” of waste nitrogen-containing substances, unnecessary water and salts.

Basic functions of hemodialysis are performed by hemodialysis machine. The dialyzer consists of a special semi-permeable membrane and a dialysis solution with a certain composition of water, amino acids and salts. The membrane, which is the actual filter, is semi-permeable, which means that it does not automatically allow any substance to pass through it. During dialysis, a membrane is used that filter only the urinary substances so that the patient can get the rest of the blood components back.

Passing through the dialyzer, the blood is purified and then returned to the circulatory system. In order for the dialysis process to take place, the patient must have vascular access. Permanent vascular access for hemodialysis is performed by building an arteriovenous fistula or vascular prosthesis. It is recommended, they to be constructed at an early stage of renal failure. Arterio-venous fistula is created surgically and is located under the skin, most often on the arm. Its function is to allow the dialysis machine to access the patient’s blood circulation.

For most patients undergoing dialysis treatment, it is extremely important to be able to maintain their usual way of living, having satisfying and active life. If necessary, you can always turn to the medical staff for specific medical institution including advises, guidance and recommendations for upcoming treatment.